Anti-illogical Musings

The first of my peculiar “What if…” posts

     Picture for a second: What if humans one day discovered a a type of time travel? Say there was a phenomenon that resulted in the relative time of a certain region to travel faster than normal: you could make things brand new again, or make a machine work two million times as fast, or rebuild the Titanic to the condition of its maiden journey.

     With one catch: objects traveling through time will experience atom rebuilding, and thus every living thing contained in the region will die or become “vegetables”.

     People will be in denial. “Time travel is impossible!” they’d say. “What of the paradoxes?” But no, there are no paradoxes since nothing is moved into the past, its simply the past or future visiting the present.  Most definitely, some will research upon this phenomenon. To be semi-famous for disproving it, or to gain immense fame to build the first time machine. Who’d give up a chance like this?

     The first time machine is built in the company of, lets say, Enderation Inc. To their dismay, their competitor, CERN, is 99.99% done and are just about to activate their machine. Whoever has a time machine…controls the world, right? Enderation Inc. decides to activate their machine and changing their rival’s time machine back into the condition it was more than ten years ago. Dun Dun dunn…

     For the next few years, Enderation Inc. are passing milestones never encountered before, like cracking ultimate genetic codes, solving the most complicated math problems, and simulating collisions of 2 galaxies (each with their 100 billion stars). But, they want more. They want to be able to also be able to forge and design with unprecedented speed, if only they could make the very people who are given responsibility of these jobs work at 9001 times their maximum efficiency. What do they do? They create an incredibly intelligent robot, its electronic brain sped up by the time machine, that build better versions of themselves. Hoping for the best, Enderation Inc. switches on their time machine, and watch as the robot creates an army of superintelligent CPU’s way earlier than expected. The CEO gasps. “What have I done?”

     As it turns out, superintelligence is not synonymous with super-evil. Themselves living as sentient beings on the Earth, they prefer to keep it in tip top condition as well. They give solutions to global warming, invented nanobots, increased energy power plant efficiency; and the managers of Enderation are turning into multimillionaires. The information leaks - everyone wants one. Before they could stop them, the robots willingly go out to explore the world and offer their abilities instead of sinking into disuse.

     Everyone has access to time machines and robots. You tell them to do something, they make your idea tree come true with their own sea of creativity. The robots accomplish the goals of every person’s dreams within mere minutes. Art, literature, film, architecture, experiments, you name it. Some prefer it that way, seeing the robots are capable of making the impossible come true. If it weren’t for them, he/she’d just be one among a sea of ordinary people. Others criticize the fact that humans are in fact doing nothing themselves, but are in fact just unskilled architects. They rally others to stop depending on the accelerated robotic help, but seeing as their own vain efforts to stand out fail, they cannot help but find a sentient humanoid companion to assist them. They spend their entire lives trying to persuade others not to fall into the trap, but end up being unable to persuade anyone, not even their own children, having grown up in a world where anything is attainable.

     Eventually, humans themselves phase out. People simply submit the entire contents of their brain to their companion, and create the dream in minutes. The humans live in their pool of dreams, while the robots take the chance to overtake humans as the dominant “lifeforms” of the planet, enjoying the pinnacle of not human culture, but robot culture.

Wow, that was random.